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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Assignment 5

I learn to listen to more easily english. I have less difficulty following a discussion and including the contents. It’s a program of action and suspense, it’s difficult to learn things. I recommend this show to other students because it’s very easy to follow. There are subtitles in english and it’s easy words which are used. I have learned a lot of things with my program. I have familiarized myself with the language and I understood more of expression to use by the English speakers. I liked looking at programs in English, because now I am able to listen movies in English by myself.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Assignment # 4

I had not slept for days and I had to continue to be also alert and working. For a special mission I had to prick myself to the heroine. I did not want to make it and my daughter did not especially have to realize it. I Jack Bauer, I had to be on drugs... I went to my office. I took a syringe and I pricked myself. Then I went directly in my car to go to a meeting. It was important to be punctual because I could be killed if I had the misfortune to arrive late. I took the information which it was necessary, but I made an error and the frightened terrorists kidnapped me. I met myself locked into a small cell, we beat me to make me say for whom I worked, I had to say nothing.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Assignment 2

Jack Bauer had to save the life of the president of the United States because the city of Los Angeles was threatened by a chemical nuclear bomb. In the episode at which I looked, Bauer had to go in the desert to stop the suspects while his accomplices they were brought the president and his family in another country. Bauer when he was in the desert had to fight against the terrorists who controlled the bomb at distance. He was surprised while he spied on them. He killed several persons but he did not manage to defuse the bomb. Then his partners absolutely had to manage to eliminate the bomb before she explodes.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I chose the program "24 Hours" because it’s a popular program at this time. There is a lot of action and suspense. I like this kind of program because we can follow the story easily and I don’t have the impression that it’s difficult to understand, even if it’s in English. I can use the subtitles if I have some difficulty. There are many characters in this program, but the main character’s name is Jack Bauer. He is the leader of the body of antiterrorist defense that is called CTU. Most of episodes take place in Los Angeles, but very often the characters move to several countries of the world to assure a protection. During the episodes the main character is confronted with terrorists who want to kill the president of the United States. He has to save him with the help of his accomplices.